Friday, August 2, 2013

Chronic Loss of VOICE and HOARSENESS

my close friends would know that aside from my asthma I am suffering from CHRONIC LOSS OF VOICE and HOARSENESS.  This period of my life was very challenging and difficult. ENT would tell me not to talk and rest my voice.  But this is really impossible for talking is part of my job. Most of the time, i would ask my personal assistant to call for me and relay my messages because i have no voice.

The ENT doctor informed me that one reason for my loss of voice is that i have nodules/nodes in my throat.  Learning this, i looked for ways to heal myself with homeopathy remedies. 

What's good about Homeopathy, there is no side effect.  To restore my voice I took different homeopathy remedies.  Argentum Nitricum, Causticum, Capsicum and Arum.  Each was taken in 3 consecutive days.  

Homeopathy is different from western medicine.  It takes time to cure the person.  what made me well and restored my voice these past few weeks is ARGENTUM METALLICUM. 

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