Friday, August 2, 2013

What started my journey?

This website pertains to my love for Homeopathy. What started my journey into alternative medicine? 

I was suffering from ASTHMA (post-nasal drip) for almost 10 years.  My asthma was triggered when i became pregnant with my 3rd child.  I have attacks when there is change of weather, cigarette smokes, staying out late at night without cover in my head or too much dusts. When I get up in the morning my nose was clogged and there was like a tennis ball size of mucous at the end my nose but cannot get out.   I went to at least three or four ENT specialists who gave me many medicines which did have effects but very temporary. I went shopping for pulmonologists in various hospitals to help me with my case.  What they gave me was maintenance medicine to suppress the symptoms of my asthma allergies/attacks.

For years, I was on daily maintenance of procaterol hydrochloride and montelukast.  Steroids and antibiotics were also given to me specially if there was change of weather in the country -- because it was during this time that my attacks was worse.   But even though i was in maintenance, i need to visit my doctor quarterly for  check up.  These kind of visits were too tedious for me.   I also know that somehow through the years of taking these drugs, it has side effect on my body.  For example, when i take steroids, my body has more water retention that makes me look fat. I tried acupuncture and it helped me somehow but not totally healed me.  I spend P5,500 pesos as monthly maintenance to control our asthma.  This amount includes the maintenance of my children. 

My interest in homeopathy blossomed when I met in person Pilar Quiroz (one of my customers in pest control) who happens to travel with me at Lake Sebu.  She told me about her love for alternative medicine and herbals.  so I thought of studying CLASSICAL HOMEOPATHY last February 2013 with Dr. Ivan Piccio at Mandaluyong City. 
As of this month - July, I am not taking any prescription drugs nor buy from drugstores.  I am happy because I am not suffering from asthma attacks anymore.  Right now, I am still taking homeopathy remedies to cure my previous LAYERS (illnesses)...  The beauty of all this is that there are no side effects to homeopathic medicine. Thank you for reading this.

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