Friday, August 2, 2013

Diggle our DOG

While homoeopathy has often worked for me and my children, I’ve been more impressed  when it worked for our dog "Diggle." 

my assistant one day called up my cellphone around 8pm "Ma'am si Diggle, nagtatae, 4 na beses na siyang nag pupu sa loob ng 1 oras.  Ang pupu ay basa na may uhog pero wala naman dugo" {Ma'am, Diggle is suffering from diarrhea, he already moved bowels 4 times within an hour.  It is watery and has mucous but no appearance of blood"}

I asked my assistant to give Diggle "Arsenicum Album (Ars-Alb) 200 ch" one dose every hour for 2 hours.  

Guess what? his diaarhea stopped.   

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